A Text I love to send: ‘New Piano Guys!’

It happened today: for the second time in a few short weeks, I got to send my husband a message at work reading only this: ‘New Piano Guys!’.

If you haven’t yet encountered these astonishing musicians, you’ve missed out. For the Thayer family, the Piano Guys are like family, and an enormous part of our lives.

I first encountered the work of these dads from Utah in 2013 when my son was 6 weeks old. We were visiting a friend, and I was reeling from a traumatic delivery, the exhaustion of a newborn, and the shock of turning from locking the door of our rented bungalow to find a huge ‘SOLD’ sign on our doorstep. Sitting on my friend’s sofa and clutching a mug of tea in shaking hands, I suddenly clocked the background music – an amazing orchestration of Star Wars themes. Other tracks were stunning and I knew, as I drove home, that this was exactly the kind of music that my husband and I loved and had been seeking more of – music without words, but not needing them. Music that could be poignant, comic, jovial, loving, tender and worshipful.

If the music wasn’t enough, the videography to accompany these songs is also superb. On long afternoons where I struggled to deal with my son, he and I watched Piano Guys playlists on youtube. He would go to sleep at night listening to the cover of ‘A Thousand Years’. He would dance to ‘Mission Impossible’. He went through a phase six months ago (at age 2!) demanding to listen exclusively to ‘I Want You Bach’ (which we still call ‘funny hair’ because that’s how he asked for it: the video where they have funny hair).

This music has been the soundtrack of our lives for the last two years. It has marked family occasions. We have loved, laughed, lost and cried with it; ‘The Story of My Life’ was released as I lost a grandfather and a baby – and still it transports me to that time. ‘What Are Words’ was released days after we welcomed our baby girl to the world, and I think of it as her song. My first exposure to ‘Let It Go’ was through the Piano Guys. My son is now constantly singing the Scottish ‘Fight Song’ cover, often pretending to play the cello as he does it. When he bashes the keys of our keyboard, he tells us the sequence of Piano Guys songs he is playing. Maybe, one day, he’ll play them for real.

The gift of this music to my family is immeasurable.It is a blessing. It forms a part of our identity. When new videos are released, we sit and listen to them together – something I hope to do for many years to come.

So, if you’re reading this and have never listened to this music, open a new tab and go straight to the Piano Guys’ channel. It is simply glorious.

Jon, Steve, Al and Paul, if you’re reading this (!) – thank you doesn’t go far enough. But from the Thayer family to you and your families – thank you, and God bless.

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